Thursday, January 6, 2011

On a more serious note...

So, God is so good. He has been blessing the whole team each day. He has been keeping us free from sickness and danger, and we've had no major setbacks. We've come here to be a blessing to the Paraguayans and in turn, God has blessed us more than we could've imagined. He's rerally evident everyday. Every night, we talk about our "God moments", or where each of us has seen God at work through the day. It's really amazing to see each other's perspective on the day's activities.
One a more funny note, John and I have had some quality bonding time doing dishes together once every day or two. He knows I'm allergic to dish detergent, so he kindly offers to splash me while we do dishes at various points throughout the day. He hasn't yet, though. That which I am glad of.
We have gotten to see some of God's amazing artwork in nature several times throughout the past few days. Mark and I found our way out to a cliff overlooking the valley where the view was breathtaking. We have gotten to see a few waterfalls, and even got flooded yesterday. We were driving back to Asuncion and it started raining. The streets FLOODED and at points, the water was over the hood of the van. The clutch started going out and it wouldn't shift into gear like it's supposed to. Praise God we got back to the Carrs' safely.
The driving here is crazy. We've seen a couple wrecks and several near misses. Some people here ride small motorcycles, some drive tiny cars, and a few drive horse pulled carts. GA friend- yes you who would love all the horses!
Please remember to pray for us!
P.S. The BIG sumbrero (spelling?) that I bought gets me funny looks from the Latin Americans here....

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