Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don't drop rocks on toads in holes you have dug!

So, right now Mark is tying up the missionary, Larry Carr. Mr. Carr is a magician.
These past few days have been the most impacting on me personally. Yesterday, we worked on the block building. Shushan and I moved multiple cartloads of blocks from the front yard to the back yard on a wooden cart. The cart is completely wooden with a wooden wheel, much like a wheel barrow. The one thing that I disliked about it was the flat spot in the wheel that made it flop when rolled. Mark and Josh worked on building the wall while John kept the bricks wet and kept the mortar wet.
After working on the building, we went back to the Bowens' and got cleaned up for VBS. When we got there, Andy Bowen opened with a message and the story of Moses. Then came our times with the kids. They opened up to us more yesterday than they did Thursday. They wanted to hug us and take pictures with us while we played tag with them.
This morning, Mark and I gave our testimonies with an interpreter. Mark spoke about Annalysa and I gave a shortened version of my time from highschool until now. They response was awesome. People took in our words and were intrigued. Then after the service, we all had fellowship with the members of the church. Several girls tried speaking to me, but I couldn't understand. Then a suprise- one or two of the teens knew a little english.
This trip has already been making an impression on me spiritually and has opened my eyes about the way people live here.
P.S. Yesterday, I was walking around the hole I dug and the dirt around the edge gave way. I would've been perfectly fine from the fall had I not faceplanted a thorny bush! It hurt!

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