Sunday, January 9, 2011

The last full day here

Today marks two events. The first is the last full day we will spend in Paraguay as a team. The second is my BIRTHDAY. Twenty two today, but I don't really feel any older. Well like I said it is the last full day here and we have had a blast. We have been able to do so mcuh while we have been here and God has really blessed our time here. So much was done that we never would have ever dreamed of, but God is good. We finished the house we thought we were only going to be part way through with. We were able to see a lot of paraguy and see the dam that was built on the border of Bazil and Parauguay. It has been a blast. We are sad that we are leaving, but are at the same time looking forward to getting home. We hope to see you guys soon. Talk to ya'll later.

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