Sunday, January 9, 2011

a movie

So we watched a movie the other night about missionaries in the 1750's to the Guarani people. It gave us some background to the Native people of Paraguay and the missions of the early church. It was heartbreaking and challenging, basically, the Jesuits and the slavetraders were competeing for the rights to the same people. The Jesuits were concerned for their souls and the slavetraders simply wanted to profit from selling them. Sadly, politically and in the Catholic Church, the slavetraders won. Days later I am still thinking about the movie.

Thinking about the people in the community that we have been in that are of this history that are Christians. That even though the church pulled out, God was still here. God loves these people and has blessed them.

Though the movie was difficult to watch I think it was very helpful to better understand the people.

On a side note, I had no idea how "marine-like" the Jesuits were. You had to be pretty serious to be a missionary in the 1750's - the few, the humble, the missionaries - I don't know, sounds sort of catchy.

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