Sunday, November 28, 2010

new team info

Today we received more information about our project. We will be helping build a room for an older couple and work on a couple of smaller projects - we have been advised that we should all bring work gloves - that sounds promising!

Also, we are going to be in charge of the recreation time during the VBS - so we will be planning games and silliness - I think that is a specialty of a couple of the team members, so we should be pretty set. We will not be in charge of the VBS itself, we will be helping with the crafts and other things - what an amazing opportunity to work along side the missionaries and church members, I am so looking forward to this ministry. In Honduras, I loved hearing the Bible stories during our VBS in Spanish and watching the children as they listened, even though I did not understand, I think it is so valuable to have the Bible taught in the language of the people rather than having it translated. How important to know that God speaks Spanish (and Russian and every language)

Please continue to pray for us. I will try to start adding pictures next week - it would be nice to have a team picture up! I will also work to get other team members to blog - we need to hear from TJ, Mark, and Kara before our departure.

In Him,

Friday, November 26, 2010

Visa news

Wonderful news, Wednesday I received word that we have been issued our visas to travel to Paraguay.

At our last team meeting, we began to work on some basic words and phrases in Spanish. Clearly, some of us are better at language learning than others. Honestly, none of us will be fluent by departure, but hopefully we will all be able to greet people in Spanish :-).

We are also working on team building, recognizing that every person on this team is going to be used by God and will contribute to the whole of this team.

It is unbelievable that it is almost time to go to Paraguay, I am getting so excited! Please be in prayer for our team.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hello ya'll!!!

Hello everyone! We just found out that we got our tickets purchased for our trip and I am super excited. My wife and I have been wanting to go on a missions trip for years and now we have finally been given the opportunity to go, and we are super excited. I am really excited and by the time we come back I know that we are going to be blessed by God. We have began to raise funds for the trip and they have started to come, but they are coming in very slowly, but we are optimistic that if this is God's will He will provide. Please join us in prayer for our funds to come in, as well as for us to be willing to be used by God however He sees fit. Until next time this is Joshua Huff with the Paraguay team.

Monday, November 15, 2010

a post from John

John here-I just got out of a class where we discussed all of our assignments for the rest of the semester (only three more class periods away). Right now it is difficult to seperate the anxiety for this trip from the nervousness of trying to get everything done before the semester ends. Praise the Lord that the class anxiety (perhaps a late dose of syllabus shock) about the end of the semester is slowly being replaced by excitement about the chance to go to another country and minister for the Lord (not to mention the fact that it will be summer there:) It is exciting for me especially to see how the team is coming together and the prayers that the Lord has already answered. That's all for now (I need to go write a term paper)

Tickets and Visas

Today our plane tickets are being purchased and we are applying for visas for entry to Paraguay. Very exciting! Please pray for both.

Pray also for our funding - it is coming, but we still have a big need.

We are getting more and more excited, unbelievably we are less than 6 weeks away from departure. We are starting to have weekly meetings for prayer and team building. Please pray for these times.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Getting Started

KMBC has a new team coming together.

December 27, 2010 - January 10, 2011

We will be working with WGM missionaries Larry and Sharon Carr in Paraguay.

The team right now: Shushan Richardson, John Sisler, Josh and Kara Huff, Mark England, and TJ Anderson.

Please pray for the team as we are coming together, the ministry that we will have in Paraguay, what God wants to do in and through us, the missionaries, the church, and the people we will be working with. Please pray also for funding, for passports, and visas. So much goes into a team like this, please be in prayer for us.